A Fresh Approach

Welcome to Pine Commodities

We recognise that in today’s volatile market, many people want to take advantage of the lower risk a commodity based portfolio can offer. However, for many people the complexity of the commodities market makes purchasing commodities a seemingly unfathomable task. We want to change this. We offer a straightforward, simple approach, that allows any purchaser, big or small, to take advantage of the many benefits the commodities market provides.
With an increasingly complicated and ever changing environment, such as today’s financial market, it can

be hard for even the savviest of customers to make an informed purchase. The use of buzz words and jargon that feature in so much of what we read about the economy, can make this process even harder. We don’t believe in making our client’s life more difficult by providing information filled with incomprehensible terms or language. Our messages are always given in plain, simple English. We believe that helping our customers to make an informed choice without having to navigate the jargon, is an integral part of our service.